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Short jokes and dance music from DJ DED 21

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Hello. Short jokes and dance music from DJ DEEV 21 - I will try to make it # funny - because laughing is good for your health. Thank you for your attention and support. I decided to retell a few more jokes. The main thing is not to forget to put likes if you like it or dislikes if you don't like it, add comments and if you don't subscribe, subscribe to the channel, click the bell, select the view all option. This is # Amateur. To be continued. The video was made on your home computer. Videos are jokes #humorous in nature and are not intended to offend anyone. it is a continuation of the other videos of my channel. . . . The author of the channel is not a specialist. I accept all advice and recommendations.
The content is created for humorous and parody purposes.
Is a personal subjective opinion and value judgment.

I am studying at the YouTube school of Denis Konovalov
Anecdotes without vulgarity and without politics Can be retold almost everywhere. I try to present the humor as fresh as possible. Part of it is necessary to tell only so far. I tried to show some of them as short dialogues. There are several anecdotes in the format of music and parodies of songs. Far from perfect - but there is much to develop. I plan to develop a more or less (and the better the better - the better) musical ear, learn to sing more or less correctly (as well as the better-the better), learn how to make music, special effects and in the future shoot clips with dance music with text from jokes. For example, ditties (if the joke is short) or parodies of songs. If I can come up with a new song. If you like the video, it is advisable to share it on your social network pages . It is very desirable to subscribe and turn on the bell. You can also send links to videos to your friends in social networks. Listen more often-laughter is good for your health

Husband and wife have been together for twenty years. On Saturday she went into his room and asked:
"Did you notice anything?"
- Did you get a new haircut?
- No!
- Did you buy a new robe?
- No.
"Have you lost weight?"
- No! You forgot to congratulate me on our wedding day on Monday, I was offended and did not talk to you for a week!

The aliens who kidnapped a drunk Russian couldn't stand it... after all, they gave him a flying saucer to steer

- Hello, Ryazan-the birthplace of gingerbread, samovars and pistols!"Wait! Tula is the birthplace of gingerbread, samovars and pistols!
- Well, Hello, Ryazan! Tula is the birthplace of gingerbread, samovars and pistols!

A man comes from a fishing trip, sober as glass and with a full backpack of fish. Wife in shock: - Oh-go-go! What a catch! The man, frustrated: - Kum, the parasite, the vodka I left at home..

A man comes to the village from hunting with an empty bag and catches up with a fisherman also with an empty bag. Hunter: - Hey, countryman, sell fish. - No, I don't sell fish, but I can change it for a hare!

The basic rule of mathematics: - If the problem is solved simply, it means that it is solved incorrectly!

The drunk tries to mount the horse, but in vain. Then he calls for help from all the saints in turn: - Saint Peter, help! Saint Michael, help! Saint George, help! Finally, he makes an effort and, without calculating, flies over the horse... Mumbles: - Hush!
Hush! Not all at once!

The class teacher calls Vovochka: - Why didn't you come to school today? - I have a temperature of 42! "It can't be!" - Yes, my mother said 36 and 6!

My daughter asked me to arrange her birthday in the style of "Cinderella". We all did. Sami went to celebrate in a restaurant, and her
left the house to clean!

Teacher: so, who's going to answer first to Board, the ball will get higher rating! Vovochka from the back of the Desk: - Well, put me 3 and I go to the Board!

In contrast to the commercialism of the stomach, which is always rumbling when hungry, my soul is singing disinterestedly. Well, sometimes he hints at vodka

The soldier returns from the self-propelled vehicle. The General is coming to meet him. The soldier salutes him: - I wish you good Health, comrade major! General
surprised, he says: - What kind of major am I to you, do you see that I have Lampas, a wreath of oak leaves on my cockade? Soldier
relief: — Fu-you scared me you're a Forester...

A villager with a hangover runs into the barn. In the dark, he hits his head on the crossbar, steps into the dung, slips, and falls into the mud.
a trough with slops for a pig, a shovel immediately breaks off the wall and hits him on the back, getting up and stepping on a rake and again hitting him in the back.
forehead. Went outside: - This is not a barn,and "Fort Bayard" some!

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