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Deep Work 001 Making Comics Storytelling

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My "deep work" stream, where I mainly work on my comic, but also talk out loud with stream of thought, the stories and memories that float around while making comics... enjoy!

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Tools I'm using:
- iPad Pro & Apple Pencil
- Sketchboard Pro
- Procreate App
- My brain. My hands.

Key Moments from this stream:

11:42 - I'll tell a Jack Kirby Ghost Story... the origin of "Yirmumah", my "shadow:

21:20 - Letting go of bitterness...
What I think about the new Invincible Animated Show. I tell some stories about Robert Kirkman (Invincible, Walking Dead... FUNK-O-TRON!!!) Also describing the sheer joy I feel when indy creators hit big, like our old friend Bendis. (that Boom Boom Studios kid from Cleveland)

30:47 - At age 41 in 1958, Jack Kirby thought Sky Masters was his ticket to success having a daily syndicated comic strip. Ultimately it didn't last... but at age 44 Jack Kirby created what would now become the "Marvel Age", when he stopped Marvel from closing it's doors, spent the weekend creating the Fantastic Four (based on his early Challengers of the Unknown comic)

"Comics are the shit, man!" - Jack Kirby / - "Not actually a real Jack Kirby Quote, guys" - DJ

41:05 - I talk about Shakey Graves's haunted guitar story.

44:00 - I go into an impromptu rant/story about the time I was drawing MonkeyMan Unleashed for "Hollywood's Brian Lynch", and how the Diamond Comic Distributor rep wouldn't take the comic unless we got a forward by Kevin Smith. I told the rep to fuck off with that. We ended up selling the first batch through Kevin's Secret Stash store... Upon hearing this story from me at Pittsburgh Comic, Robert Kirkman was like "fuck that rep" and gave him his rep's name, Filip Sablik..... And that's how we finally got MonkeyMan in Diamond Previews catalog. A long of way of highlighting how old Bob Kirkman always seemed to be helping other indy comic guys. So that's why I get perturbed when I see/hear someone hating on him. You've been warned. :) Bonus: I do a mean Bob Kirkman impression.

1:13:00 - I go into the Andy Milonakis story about Pittsburgh Comicon (before he was famous) and he was harassing WWF Wrestling Legend Nikolai Volkoff and his manager, calling them Nazis, even though they were in Russian gear. I wish you could have seen their faces.... then a lady nearly died in a runaway wheelchair incident I had totally forgotten about....

2:25:29 - How to make comics with a full time day job. INVEST IN YOURSELF FIRST. THis is a motivational rant on the topic. We give so much of our time to others, but you need to set time and "pay" yourself first. All you have is time.... spend it wisely.

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